Summary of: One of These Days By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Aurelio Escovar is introduced like a poor dentist who doesn’t have too much experience in the ambit of dental practice. He has a very old office and he is not an especial man.  One morning, He was polishing a false … Continue reading

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My city is Caracas, is the capital of Venezuela and for me is one of the most beautiful cities of Venezuela. You can find everything there and my city has the most important industries of my country.

In my opinion, Caracas is a really modern city, is not like some parts of Europe that are really historical and old. We have very modern buildings and apartments. You can find impressive shopping centers and a lots of parks, where you can spend time taking a picnic or jogging with some friends.

I live in Caracas since I born so I learn to LOVE this city. Your life in my city can be really agitated, everyone is in a hurry and need to do the things they have to do, so sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming. You can find I lot of activities to do, like ice skating, climbing mountains, walk in the park, go to the cinema with your friends, go shopping and other things. You will never get bored in Caracas.

In the night you have the best night clubs. There is a street that is very known because it has the greatest clubs, the street it’s calls LAS MERCEDES and is a street that is really alive in the nights and also you can find very fancy restaurants and they served the best food you can eat. The music in the locals  is amazing so the environment is NICE!

So don’t think anymore and go to Caracas! and enjoy the city that I LOVE!

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Hey! I’m Diana Morales Ferrero. I’m 18 years old and I’m studyng at EF New York. I was born in Caracas,Venezuela and right now that is the city where I live. I came from a family really normal, my parents … Continue reading

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